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Drive Your Passion, Follow Your Purpose

Adam Kellum being interviewed on Radio-Memphis

I'd have to take my boots off to count the number times I've been ask why I choose to be a Country Music Artist or the times I've gotten a blank stare when people ask me what I do and I tell them...

I firmly believe that you should not follow your passion. When it's said in that light, it limits you. No matter how you spin it, you're always trying to catch it. To develop a passion for something means you've had some type of experience with it. Personally, if I find interest in something, I'll do whatever it takes to learn as much as I can and be completely ahead of the curve regarding it. I will fight, tooth and nail, to be the absolute best I can. Because of that, I'm not FOLLOWING my passion, I'm DRIVING it. My passion creates a drive that will not be held back.

What people don't understand about what I just said is that they think I practice my guitar and write songs when I can. They think that I spend a little time here and there working on my music business and the shows I perform. What is misunderstood is the countless (a little louder for the ones in the back... COUNTLESS) hours I spend learning, practicing, writing, learning, rehearsing, preparing, securing gigs, kindling relationships, learning..... did I mention learning?? I listen to podcasts about how to improve, I research how to improve, I reach out to other Artists/Songwriters/Businessmen to learn how to improve. The daily struggle is comparable to climbing a muddy wall while wearing boxing gloves.

Call For Fire

So why in the world would I want to continue? Because I love it, because I have a burning passion for it, because it's my PURPOSE. Every single morning from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep I'm thinking about my music. Then while I'm sleeping I dream about it. There isn't a solitary moment that I'm not thinking about it.

Adam Kellum performing with Brian Marshall

Hard work has gotten me to places I always knew I wanted to be, even though sometimes they seemed highly unlikely. It's put me on stage with some of the best people I've ever met. It's put me in front of thousands at a time to perform. I've worked with some awesome musicians in studios and I've been honored to open for some big names in the music business. I even had the amazing opportunity to perform with Brian Marshall (Alter Bridge and Creed) at the Medal of Honor Ceremony for John Chapman.

Adam Kellum with the DJ's of Kix 106 Memphis after winning the Regional round of NashNext

There's no way I would've had half the opportunities I've had without my music. There's no way I would've met half the awesome people I know if it weren't for my music. I'll always be extremely grateful for the chances I've been gifted.

What is your purpose? How do you drive your passion toward your purpose?

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